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At Tea Chiropractic and Rehab, Dr. Christopher W. Lane strives to reflect the small town rural values you find in Tea and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He understands when you see a chiropractor, you may be experiencing anxiety and of course pain. It is our goal to explain to you what is causing your symptoms, along with making sure you understand how we are going to help you.

We want to get you healthy as soon as possible. No more repeat visits without any improvement. Just a plan that is tailored to your condition and symptoms to get you back to life. Dr. Christopher Lane is trained in the latest and various types of adjusting techniques and will use the one that you are most comfortable with. Included in your treatment plan, will be soft tissue work (massage), stretching, and rehabilitation which will help you feel better FASTER, and keep that pain away longer, allowing you to enjoy life. We also have nutritional consulting available in office whether you are looking to eat healthier or would like to start adding in our high-quality supplement line from Nutrametrix we offer to our patients.

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Praise from our Clients

"I've been to a lot of chiropractors, but Dr. Chris to me is a little bit different. He does soft tissue work which I think if I hadn't had that done that I think I would still be in the pain. I would recommend him 100%!"

Joan J., Tea, SD

"During my track season I went to Dr. Chris. I had something wrong with my back which I don't even know what it was, and he just worked with my back and made it not hurt anymore. Come out to Tea to Dr. Chris. He's worth the drive no matter where you come from."

Brandy J., Tea, SD

"I was having some leg and knee pain from running a while back and Dr. Chris was able to go through and work out all of the kinks so I could get right back into my regular running routine with just a matter of visits. Ever since then he's treated myself, my children, and my husband."

Michelle S., Tea, SD

“ As a powerlifter and an athlete, Dr. Chris Lane is the main reason I continue to compete. His knowledge and skills help keep me healthy and performing to the best of my abilities! I had a lot of muscle imbalances and pain but within minutes Dr. Chris was able to identify the problem and start working on the solution.”

Phil B, Sioux Falls, SD

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